Battle of the Bottles: Lysol vs. Murphy’s Oil

Nisha_Style_Lysol_MurphysLysol is my current obsession.  However, if I run out of Murphy’s Oil, I tend to freak out and feel as though I’m not tending to my cleaning supplies.

Murphy’s Oil is:

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Versatile (Floors, Bathrooms, Tile, Dishes, Stainless Steel… just not mirrors)
  3. Smells AMAZING!
  4. Small dabs go a long way!
  5. Wood Applicable

Lysol is:

  1. Colorful and Pretty
  2. Smells like a Fresh Flower Garden
  3. Great for Kitchen, Bathroom, Tiles (not good for Floors or Mirrors)

The Lysol family of cleaning products smells fresh and brand new. A good wholesome clean feeling Is the final result of Lysol. Even for the entire kitchen, the various Lysol bottle sprays are on point.

However, there is a rich, thick and joyful presence that Murphy’s Oil brings that surpasses Lysol, and it can be used on wood. It is the one all purpose product that when diluted can be used for daily cleaning, and with its thickness in texture, it can be used for dishes, and the toughest of floors.

Lysol makes the world’s most exceptional air freshers, and Murphy’s Oil doesn’t have that in their product line-up, a shame if you ask me 😦 #sad

For the Battle of the Bottles competition, Murphy’s Oil totally takes first place!

Xo, Cleaning is fab! ~Nisha

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