Hot Dog in the City! #NYC

Nisha_Style_Hot_Dog_NYCWhat I like to refer to as “street meat” is more commonly referred to as Hot Dogs!

While in New York City, I like to walk around aimlessly and watch people, smell the air and enjoy the trees and breeze.  After a meeting at a local coffee shop, I stopped to sit in a park where there were lots of people.  School was just getting out and kids were running around in uniforms, people were getting off work and meeting up, saying hi, bumping into one another.

Before sitting on a ledge, I grabbed a $3 hot dog from a middle eastern man working the stand…  I asked for regular mustard, he gave me grey poupon.  I asked for chopped onions, he gave me grilled onions…  Without questioning his hearing, I gave him a $5 bill and walked away with a smile, I was ready to chow!

While thoroughly enjoying every bite of my “street meat”, I could hear kids laughing and talking loud, giggles, people on the phone, cars honking and beeping, trees moving, air swaying and footsteps of all kinds.   New York in late September with a hot dog was now an official experience…

Xo, Nisha

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