Seatbelt Selfie! Rules for Selfies in the Car #safety

Seatbelt_Selfie_Nisha_StyleOk Ladies, we all love taking selfies… it’s the “not new thing” that everyone does but rarely talks about.  (I can’t believe “twerking” made it into the dictionary before “selfie”?)

My 5 rules for selfies in the car are:

1.  Wear a seatbelt.  “Click-it, or ticket!”

2.  It is only politically correct to take car selfies as a passenger.

3.  Angle the phone higher than your head so that you don’t look like a whale-face.

4.  Gloss.  Gloss.  More Gloss.  More…  Ok, now pout, but not too much…

5.  Filter and lighting are a must, regular sunlight hurts the true potential of a daytime selfie.

This blog is dedicated to my Mommy who sent me her first 2 selfies via email before attending a wedding! 🙂  Love you Mom!

Xo, Nisha

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