Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse in Old Vegas #GoldenNugget

Nisha_Style_Vic_Anthony_VegasIt is the long weekend, and we are into September… one of the best months in Las Vegas!

My sister Seema took me out for a pre-birthday dinner to celebrate my turning of 33.  We drove into old Vegas and walked around Fremont, taking in the sites and sounds.  We ended up at Vic & Anthony’s enjoying amazing food, atmosphere and ambiance.  We sat at the bar, and the bartenders were incredible.  Noah and Meghan suggested a new Pinot Noir they were carrying, and after a tasting, we took a glass and their advice the whole way through dinner.

I am a fan of the 70’s, everything about it.  Fremont has a 70’s vibe and the Golden Nugget is what we have left of the 70’s in Las Vegas.  The Steakhouse although renovated and upscale, has charming qualities of the 70’s.

Noah told us that their bread pudding is #1 in Las Vegas.  They brought us 1 with a candle and Seema and I shared it down to the last bite!  So good~

As we were leaving, we noticed some dance and music acts going on in the street.  There was a Prince act, he was dressed in sparkles, and Seema needed a tweet a pic!  Cute right?  He was singing and dancing, there was a huge crowd.  Fremont is such a different experience from the rest of the strip.  I highly suggest it if you are looking for something new and fun to enjoy in the city~

Hugs, Nisha

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