Roberto & Maria’s Wedding @ Wynn Las Vegas

Nisha_Style_Roberto_WeddingWeddings are beautiful, it’s not the ambiance and the flowers, its the marriage of two people and getting to be there for a moment.  Our good friend Roberto got married at the Wynn Las Vegas last night and we had the chance to see some of our family and friends from Toronto.  There were lots of tears of joy and big hugs to say the least.  Maria looked absolutely stunning, calm and happy, a perfect bride…

One of my best friends growing up is Claudio, Roberto’s older brother.  Seema, Roberto, Claudio and I had so much fun as kids, and it is very emotional to look back and know what we know now.  Claudio has a beautiful family and I had the chance to spend some time with his kids.  Seema and I preformed our disappearing golf ball under the napkin magic trick for all the kids, and they absolutely loved it!  That trick never gets old…

Here is a beautiful photo of Seema, Roberto and myself after the ceremony at the Wynn’s Prim Rose Chapel.  The Chapel is covered with greenery blended with white flowers and white lights, classy and sophisticated. We went over to Lakeside for an exquisite meal, lots of laughter (and champagne) and unforgettable moments to end the evening.  It was an emotional and engaging night to remember forever.

Seema_Roberto_NishaNisha_Style_Roberto_Wedding_Kids_TableCLICK HERE TO SEE “SEEMA STYLE” IMAGES OF THE WEDDING

Congratulations to Roberto and Maria, wishing you both a life full of love, health and happiness~

Xo, Nisha

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