Smelling the Air when you Travel

Nisha_Style_Smell_The_AirBusiness travel is great, I love visiting cities big and small for work. Getting acquainted with a city through business opportunities is a major bonus as a woman on the go.  Fortunately, my business sometimes requires me to play golf.  It always excites me leaving a big city to visit the outskirts.  Driving into the suburbs or areas unknown where therein exists a beautiful golf course, a getaway from the hustle and bustle.

The air smells different in different cities, I always take the time to smell the air; fumes, hot dogs, grass, morning breeze, sweat, anxiety, pulp and paper, sewage, apples, clothing, and the list goes on and on…

I went to Kansas City last week for a few meetings.  One of my best friends from college, Jill, lives there in a quaint and beautiful apartment building.  We spent time together after work meetings and visited a few Kansas City spots on The Plaza.  We ran into some familiar faces, definitely laughed a ton and created a few memories.  Kansas City is beautiful this time of year, everyone is sitting outside, wears summer dresses and gets dressed up for brunch.  All the restaurants on the Plaza have beautiful outdoor layouts for brunch.  The air is filled with summer, fresh breeze, trees, it’s clean.

It is this particular time of year that I miss Toronto, the air smells amazing in the early morning in September, it reminds me of playing the front 9 at my home club, Emerald Hills.  The air in Vegas is still heavy in September, but with a few rainfalls the air smells charming and sweet.  Smell is something that triggers memories.

When you travel, whether for business or for pleasure, create a memory with the air and environment around you.  Remember where you are and think about those moments when you get back home~

Xo, Nisha

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