Why Women care about Men’s Golf 101

Nisha_Style_Masters_TextingYou just have to love the fact that more women watched The Masters this week because of Adam Scott… or maybe it was Jason Day… or it could’ve been Tiger Woods…

Take a peek at one Masters conversation I had with my gorgeous cousin.  At 32, a PHD and fabulous, she is the newest PGA TOUR fan…

My cousin: Adam Scott is cute. Are u watching this?

Me:  Who is Adam Scott? (I’m totally messing with her)

My cousin: He is a golfer from Australia.  It’s the end the masters.  He and Cabrera are neck n’ neck for the win.

Me: I have no idea what you are saying?

My cousin: What? U must be joking

Me: Seriously what are you talking? (forgot the about) It must be a small event on tv (sarcasm continued…)

My cousin: It’s the masters, you’ve probably never heard of it. Adam Scott is about to win a purple jacket (she finally catches on to my sarcasm…)

Me: now we are on the same page! (alternative meaning: tell me how hot you think Adam Scott is hot now…)

My cousin: His biceps are huge!  I want to be on that page!

It is pretty obvious that my cousin was trapped with her parents watching the Masters during a visit home.  Why did she get into it you ask?  Naturally, Adam Scott’s biceps.

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