Shoe Shopping with Jessica Simpson

Nisha_Style_Jessica_Simpson_Shoe_PrepThe thing with Jessica Simpson is that she is #fabulous.  Her shoes connect with me because she is a fun brand herself, she herself know how to rock the highest of heels, they’re affordable-chic, comfy and look great on.

As much as I love and care for my Louboutin’s, I’m also not a complete idiot and value my day-to-day investments.  With shoes, you need quantity and quality.  Real women know that with kids, pets, bills, a full-time job and a full-time life, Louboutin’s are unrealistic… Being fabulous on a budget makes the most sense.

As we begin the month of March, we anticipate Summertime!  Let the seasonal shoe shopping begin!!!

Cork wedges are always a summer staple, and I really like the ones that Jessica has on in the top left picture.

Animal print wood clogs are a fave, and you need a new pair of black pumps every 6 months, even if it’s during Summer.

We still have to work and make impressions during the summer, and to be proud of your latest black pumps can make or break your latest business deal.

Thank you Jessica Simpson, you are an affordably-fabulous-diva!

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