The Perfect Cosmopolitan

The_Perfect_CosmoThere is nothing like an ice-cold, sweet (but not-too-sweet), strong (but not-too-strong), sex-and-the-city, Carrie Bradshaw, firmly shaken (tiny ice chips floating) Cosmopolitan… Up after your round! (Please and Thank you!)

There are only 2 kinds of Cosmopolitans, the “good” kind and the “bad” kind.  Sometimes, depending on the golf course/country club, restaurant and/or lounge/bar you may have to tweak your Cosmopolitan ingredients, but try not to veer to far!

The Perfect Cosmopolitan:

  1. Kettle One Citron (I am convinced that Kettle One Citron was invented for Cosmopolitans)
  2. Cointreau (#totally)
  3. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice (…just a few splashes!)
  4. Shake for lots of ice chips to float on the top~
  5. Lemon Shavings & Twist (rub it around the rim first and throw it in)

A Cosmopolitan is the best on the 19th, try it next time you finish your round and you are going over your scorecard!

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