Scarves: Make “Cold” look “Cute”

Some of us are fortunate to live in warm weather, like me… I live in Las Vegas.

I used to live in Toronto, so I “used to” complain about the cold!  Truth is, Las Vegas is cold in the mornings and early evenings into the nighttime.  Since we’re fashion victims of our weather and environment, it is important to prep for weather changes throughout the day based on your city.

scarves_nishaAfter living in Vegas for 8 years, I realize the need for a cute – impromptu – fast – fix for the drastic drop in weather…. #Scarf

Last night, as the wind was blowing, and my hair was a mess.  I grabbed a scarf out of my “scarf bin” (after 8 years of scarf trending, you collect a lot) and wrapped it around my top to run out of the house to meet a friend.  As the evening set in, it got colder, and before leaving the restaurant, I wrapped the scarf over my ears and around my neck so that I wouldn’t catch a cold.

I leave a scarf and a jacket in my trunk, just in case it goes from cool to cold.  You can never have too many scarves, and don’t be afraid to grab scarves at the airport with an Indian or African theme, even a basic Forever 21 sale scarf can be made fab-fast.  The chic (and just-in-case it gets cold) answer for any outfit is a scarf!

Make “cold” look “cute” ~

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