6 Ways To Travel Like A Queen

Nobody looks forward to traveling, for business, for vacation, or in my case, for golf tournaments.  I’m on the road for business and golf six to seven months out of the year.  Basically, I need to prepare myself to travel a) on a budget b) conveniently, and c) like the fairy princess that I am.

1.  Join a Membership or Miles Reward Program

I am a US Airways, Southwest, and Delta rewards member.  I monitor my miles and points like a hawk.  If I have to fly that last round trip on coach, at least I know it will pay off in a first class trip the next time around.  Obviously I (we) need a jet, but until then we need to fly like fairy princesses domestically until the jet comes full circle;)

2.  Cocktail on the Plane

If you are taking an AM flight, a Bloody Mary will be filling and make you feel fabulous.  A midday flight allows for white wine, vodka soda or vodka cranberry.  Depending on where you are headed to as a final destination, Bailey’s and Coffee is the best way to wake up and snap out of it so you can hit the ground running, pun intended. I actually met one of my BFF’s over a Bloody Mary at the airport — it pays off!

3.  Upgrade Yourself

If you are flying more than 90 minutes and an upgrade is available, take it.  If it costs more than $125.00, don’t take it.  There is perceived value in an upgrade and it all depends on how long the next flight is.  There is something about sitting in first class, with a notepad, writing down how you want to take over the world and what your wedding seating chart will look like that is so rejuvenating.

4.  Book, Pack & Shop in Advance

Book in advance to save money, the minute you know you need to go, just book it.  Pack special items away to wear on the trip so that you have something to look forward to when you get to your destination.  If it means that you need to shop, then just do it.  Like you really need a reason to go shopping?  Now you have one.

5.  Have Fabulous Luggage

There is nothing worse than having crappy torn luggage.  Your clothing and essentials are to be protected and gifted through your luggage.  Don’t do designer, but please find something chic, something that will make you proud strolling through baggage claim!

6.  Always look “Airport Amazing”

There is an art to looking cute at the airport, it is scrubby chic meets flirty fun.  Juicy Couture jumpsuits or PINK Victoria secret wear are great comfortable apparel.  Nothing is worse than a pair of jeans that you have been trying to stretch out with a tight tank and heels, you are being laughed at in the airport which increases the level of discomfort.  Make sure you are mani/pedi appropriate and throw on some cute sandals.  Have your hair done, but put it back in a jaw clip.  Light make-up with subtle gloss and mascara is all you need.

Bon Voyage!

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