Finding the right “Golf” Socks

Finding the right pair of socks can be the biggest struggle for the average golfer AND for the greatest professional golfers on the planet.  Socks are just not that “thought of” when a company is designing the perfect golf outfit.  However, finding the perfect socks to play 9 or 18 and maintaining the cute factor is so important.

My pet peeve is when guys (and gals) wear socks that come just past the ankle.  This look is very outdated, awkward, and uncomfortable on several levels.  The perfect sock for golf is a sock that can’t be seen at all.  Don’t buy into the Hanes “Ankle Sock 12-pack at Wal-Mart” — you need professional sports socks that will protect your foot.

For women, I love the little Hello Kitty 3-packs at Target.  They are perfect for fitting into a golf shoe with comfort and without bunching.  For men, try the Starter brand ankle socks that come in a sports model in black and grey.  Golf shoes have a tendency of leaving skid marks on socks, and with the black and grey colors, they can go unnoticed.

If I find more cute and golf appropriate socks that will make you shine on the course, there’s no doubt I will let you know.  Until then, Target for Women and Wal-Mart for Men are the best options.  Keep the sock decision simple  :-*

And, ladies… if you’re going to do it, go all the way… when it comes to socks! Check out what my fabulous sister, Seema, says about thigh-high socks.

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