Baking Cookies For Holiday Cheer!

Baking_Cookies_Nisha_BlogETIQUETTE 101Rule of thumb: Never go to someone’s home empty handed.

During the holidays, we all spend “dough” on gifts for those that we love, but remember, the holidays are about sharing and being appreciative.

Look into some neat cookie recipes, the standard “Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipes are hard to mess up and are well liked all around.

We all need to stop by and say hello to various groups of friends and acquaintances, it’s part of what makes the Holidays joyful.  Bringing cookies to any Holiday occasion turns smiles into cheer!

Turn on some Christmas carols, find a cute Christmas apron at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx and bake with love.  Feel free to have an “egg-nog-tini” or a glass of white wine to make your baking that much more exciting, just make sure to set timers!  I speak from experience…  Your cookies will be the life of every party!  #lovetobake

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